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Huddled was created by Joe Reeve - a technologist building tools for communities and politics.

Among others, it's being used by these organisations:

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How could I use this?


In COVID times, it can be hard to show high value to your attendees - online events just aren't good for networking. Huddled helps your attendees network using email, not by forcing them into a Slack group that will get ignored.


Want more follow-through after your events? Encourage your attendees to sign up for an event specific Huddle before they leave. Not only will it connect them, but it'll increase the likelihood of them coming to your next event.

Email Lists

Got an email list with engaged subscribers? Want them to communicate with one another, not just listen to what you have to say?

Create a new community

Huddled doesn't try to replace your existing community tools (hub-and-spoke), but it does offer an opportunity to create decentralized communities that can't be made with traditional community-building techniques.

Something Else?

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